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What Big Game Animal Best Gets Your Adrenalin Going?

Woodland Caribou
Black Bear

Did You Know?
One of our caribou killed in 1994 made Boone and Crockett trophy list in the United States.
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Monitor the weather in our friendly province. Visit Department of Environment periodically and learn more about what you can expect. For an excellent overview of the climate in this province click here.
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Check out Marine Atlantic for ferry rates and schedules and get a toll-free number to use when making reservations.
- How to Get There

We say a combination of road and air because our hunters can choose to drive or fly to Newfoundland; but after arrival in Deer Lake, Newfoundland, the final leg of the travel is always by vehicle to the lodge. Wilderness Horizons facilitates all travel from Deer Lake to the lodge and return.

By Road
Newfoundland is located on the East coast of Canada served by auto ferry and air. If driving to Newfoundland, you must make your way to Nova Scotia where, at North Sydney, a modern auto ferry operated by Marine Atlantic will take you to Port aux Basque, Newfoundland. From points in the United States, one might travel through the Eastern seabord states (through Maine) and into the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. As stated above, at North Sydney, Nova Scotia, a modern auto ferry will take you to Port aux Basque, Newfoundland. From this point, a three-hour drive will take you through the beautiful Codroy and Humber Valleys before you arrive at the picturesque town of Deer Lake nestled at the head of a sparkling lake by the same name. Stop at the Deer lake Motel which is directly on the Trans Canada Highway and, as planned, Wilderness Horizons will have someone meet you to facilitate the remainder of your travels to the lodge.

By Air
If flying, contact us for routing details from any point in Canada and the United States. Or use this online booking service to help you. Air access to Newfoundland is provided mainly by two major airlines: Air Canada, and Canadian Airlines. For American travellers, connections with US-based airlines occur at New York City, Boston, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. For European travellers, the recommended route is through London Gatwick Airport and via Air Canada direct to St. John's, Newfoundland ending in a short flight from St. John's to Deer Lake, Newfoundland via Air Nova or Air Atlantic. The flight termination point for arriving hunters and end-of-trip exit point in Newfoundland for Wilderness Horizons is Deer Lake Airport. Deviations from this standard approach may require special arrangements and must be incorporated in your plans when making your booking.

Deer Lake - Lodge and Return
As stated above, this is always by vehicle. You either follow our guide in your own vehile or drive with our guide - the choice is yours. For more details about this apsect of the excursion see our package description.

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