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What Big Game Animal Best Gets Your Adrenalin Going?

Woodland Caribou
Black Bear

Did You Know?
One of our caribou killed in 1994 made Boone and Crockett trophy list in the United States.
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Monitor the weather in our friendly province. Visit Department of Environment periodically and learn more about what you can expect. For an excellent overview of the climate in this province click here.
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Our Hunting Package
- What Do You Get?

We are now booking for the 1998 hunting seasons.

SpringBlack Bear (Bow/Rifle)May 25 to June28
FallBlack Bear (Bow Only)August 29 to September 12
FallBlack Bear (Bow/Rifle)September 12 to October 31
FallMoose (Bow/Rifle)September 12 to November 22
FallCaribou (Bow/Rifle)September 12 to November 22

Book your next exciting wilderness adventure with Wilderness Horizons, a service-oriented Big Game hunting operator with two modern lodges located in the remote wilderness areas of Newfoundland. Choose between our Quinn Lake Lodge in the central wilderness area of the province or experience the remote solitude and pristine environment of our Bear Lake Lodge nestled between the Grose Morne National Park and the Bay of Islands. For more specific details on our Bear Lake Lodge click here.

What You Can Hunt, Where and How
Both locations offer easy access to prime big game habitat. ????? can be hunted at our Quinn Lake lodge as single species or combination hunts. Our Bear Lake Lodge offers only ????? but other species are prevalent and offer superb photo opportunities. At both locations hunting can be done using bow, black powder or rifle.

How Hunt Should Begin and End
You should plan your trip to arrive in Deer Lake not later than early afternoon on a Sunday. Travel to Newfoundland can be by car through Port aux Basque (via Marine Atlantic ferry from Nova Scotia) or by airplane into Deer Lake airport. For more details on travel see our How-to-Get-There page. From Deer Lake you can ride with our guide to the lodge or follow our guide in your own vehicle, whichever you prefer. The trip to our Quinn Lake Lodge will take approximately 4 hours through a variety of landscapes, by placid lakes, by babbling brooks and through black spruce forests; arriving at the lodge in the late afternoon or early evening. Our Bear Lake Lodge is a mere ??? hours drive away giving you more time to relax at the end of your travels. In either case, this will allow you to start the hunt early on Monday morning.

Of course, the hunt should end in success! However, from a scheduling perspective, the hunt, unless otherwise planned for, will end on Friday evening thus allowing for early travel back to Deer Lake on Saturday morning. Again, you will either ride with the guide or follow in your own vehicle. Depending on your mode of travel from Deer Lake, you should schedule your flight as early as Saturday afternoon or book your crossing on the ferry from Port aux Basque for late Saturday afternoon or evening.

The Hunting Week - What You Can Expect
As stated above, the hunt will begin on a Monday morning and continue, if necessary, until Friday evening. Early morning and late afternoon and evening are the best times of day to hunt. Therefore, each day will start with a very early rise so that hunting can begin by dawn. Each hunting party (one experienced guide per two hunters) will decide each day whether to return to the lodge for lunch or have the guide prepare a meal in the bush. If you return to the camp, time can be taken up by fishing in the lake (in season), taking photos, hiking or just plain resting for the evening hunting session. Meals at the lodge are prepared fresh daily by a full time cook who also arranges for proper selection and packaging when in-the-bush meals are being planned. Throughout the week guides will not only be your constant companions but will use boats, motors, and ATVs; will cap and prepare trophies; and provide for transportation of game (you will not need to carry trophies and game).

Cleaning, Transportation and Handling
All cleaning, transportation and handling of meat from kill site to camp and to airport will be supplied. Meat cutting, storage and shipping services can be provided at the airport town of Deer Lake, if required. Shipping costs by air will depend on distances. (??????????? How about trophy fees and game packaging for air shipment, and game export permits???? NEED MORE DETAILS HERE!)

Our Measure of Success
The rate of successful hunts at our Quinn Lake Lodge has ranged from 90 - 100 percent per year for both Moose and Caribou. Because 1998 will be the first season for our ???? Bay Lodge, no success rates are available at this time.

Rates (US$) Per Person

Game Hunt* License Taxes Totals
Moose $2100 $270 $166 $2536
Caribou 2100 460 180 2740
Bear 1500 77 110 1687
Moose/ Caribou 2900 730 255 3885
Moose/ Bear 2900 350 228 3478
Caribou/ Bear 2900 540 240 3680
* This price includes return transport between Deer Lake and the lodge; all meals while at the lodge; cleaning, handling and transportation of game from the kill site to Deer Lake; storage and care of the meat while at the lodge; accommodations at the lodge; etc...????
A deposit of 35% is required to confirm booking and ensure license availability. Early booking will improve chances of getting your hunt at your priority time. No extra permits are required other than those supplied by the license. A fee of $350 US is charged for a non-hunting member of a hunting party.

Typical Weather
Weather conditions can vary widely from early morning to late evening, or from day to day. The following are typical temperature ranges you can expect. (However, with global warming maybe we'll get tropical breezes!):

Mid-May to late June32 - 65 degrees F.
Mid-September to Mid-October40 - 65 degrees F.
Mid-October to Mid-November20 - 40 degrees F.
On average, we get two days of wet weather per week and the winds are generally calm to moderate.

Want More?
Get more details or make reservations for a hunt.

OR send mail to:
Wilderness Horizons
c/o Howard Hewitt & Lester Goobie
6 Mountainview Place
Deer Lake, NF.
A0K 2E0

OR phone: (709) 635-5946 or 635-7174

OR fax: (709) 635-2985

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